No Time for the Range? Play Golf in Your Backyard

Becoming a great golf player is not as simple as playing a lot and hoping to get better with each game. You need to rack up hundreds to thousands of shots and take numerous practice putts. All of these contribute to muscle memory, which is important for perfecting the technical aspects of your swing.

Practicing on a golf course is ideal, but it can get expensive especially for beginners and amateurs who are only starting to learn the sport. Even going to a local driving range can eat up a lot of time and money, and bad weather can dampen any plan. Continue reading


Why Practicing is Important for Baseball Players

Sporting enthusiasts and baseball players, amateur or professional, would agree that regular time allotment for practice is required to hone individual skills and gain better familiarity with the extensive rules of the game. As a much followed sport, supporters always look forward to well-played games, especially from their favorite players and teams. This is why many Major League Baseball players and varsity players set up batting cage nets in their homes to ensure that they can get extra time for practice.

More than the goal of providing exciting games to watch, however, there are other benefits that should motivate players to be more active in practicing. Here are some of them: Continue reading

Fore! Golf Practice Drills in the Comfort of Home

Golf is a game of skill and to develop that skill you’ll need to practice. Most of the time you’ll be practicing at the range. However, sometimes the weather—and other circumstances—stops you from going out on the green. This doesn’t have to stop you from practicing. With some equipment like practice nets and putting greens, your home can be a reasonable location for your practice drills

The Drive.

One of the key swings in golf is the drive; a powerful drive can help your ball reach a distant hole. Practicing it regularly is essential. A golf practice net in your backyard ensures that your practice drives won’t disturb any neighbors. Additionally, if you want to increase the power of your drive, you’ll need to add more backswing torque to your swing; a simple exercise will help increase this. Hold your club up by its head and grip, and place the shaft behind your neck. Turn to the right then hold the position; then turn to the opposite direction.

The Putt.

Another key skill is to be able to make a putt accurately. There are two components to a putt: distance and direction. Accurately controlling how much the golf ball moves, and in what direction can assure you that the ball sink into the hold perfectly. You can learn how to control the two by installing a putting green in your living room, and doing practice putts regularly.

The Batting Cage: Practice Makes Perfect

If you don’t want to deal with broken windows or damaged property, then it’s best to practice baseball in a wide open field. However, if you have to travel miles to find such a field just to play baseball with your pals, chances are other people might beat you to it. You might eventually consider shifting to a less rigorous sport out of sheer frustration.

This is where a batting cage net comes in handy. This enclosed practice area consists of a frame, net, and L-screen. The metal frame holds the net in place and gives the case its shape, while the L-screen serves as the pitcher’s shield. Such a setup allows you to practice your batting skills all you want without having to worry about damaging neighboring properties.

Batting cage components often come in bundles. However, some stores unbundle the items and sell them individually according to buyers’ needs. If that is the case, be sure to ask about what materials each component is made of and whether the size of the net gaps are designed in accordance with all safety standards.

The diameter of steel poles must be at least 8.625” to ensure optimum strength. Depending on the size of your backyard, you can choose a single cage with a 12’ x 14’ x 55’ cross-section of a double cage with twice the width of a single cage. Installation is best done with the help of a professional to ensure a more durable structure.

Practice Playing Golf Anywhere!

Enthusiasts and sports fans are ecstatic about playing golf as one perfect shot can get someone hooked up with the sport for life. Professionals, executives, and employees are fond of playing golf as this is an effective reliever of work-related stress, while at the same time letting them take in the calming beauty and serenity of nature. While there are those who would make time over the weekend to visit a golf course, many do not have the luxury of time nor the financial capabilities to practice the sport.

However, having a place to play or practice one’s golf skills is no longer an issue as golf practice nets have made it possible to set up a mini course practically everywhere. Those with a spacious enough office can put up a practice net, while those who would prefer to practice in the comforts of their home can set one up either in the basement of their house or at the backyard.

Golf is a sport that’s good for both the mind and soul and it’s great that ways to play it have been democratized for all. It helps people get better and beat their own limitations. Golf does not need one to be great, however, having a practice net to play the sport with can hone skills when the time comes for a player to hit actual golf courses.

Batting Practice Makes Perfect

In recent years, quality at-bat has become the statistic of choice among coaches for rating hitters. With the QAB measurement, whether a batter gets a hit or not is given less of an emphasis. Instead, swinging at strikes, letting balls pass by, keeping the pitcher guessing at throws, knowing when to bunt or try for a homerun, and generally, producing a result that benefits a given situation take precedence over how often a batter connects with the ball. Continue reading